Startlight Highway

Corinne releases "Starlight Highway" May 19th!!

“…A Californian singer with an angelic voice.” -San Francisco Chronicle ~ April 2015

"A mind blowing set from the voice of an angel, the bar has officially been raised to all comers who think they can top this. Killer stuff that restores any lost luster to the folkie-singer/songwriter mantle.” - Chicago, Midwest Record Review, May 2015

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Magnetic Skyline

Magnetic Skyline (2010) Corinne West & Kelly Joe Phelps Duo

"A natural, effortless pairing, and a set that's enduringly treasurable.
4 STARS"..

BBC Radio


Second Sight

Second Sight (2007)

Second Sight continues to place her among the most masterful Americana singers and songwriters, and the stellar cast of musicians surrounding her support her elegant work with absolute grace. Indeed, one of the best albums of the year."

— Eric Alan, Music Director, Jefferson Public Radio

Bound for the Living

Bound for the Living (2004)

"You will adore this album. Corinne West is a brilliant songwriter with a powerfully eloquent singing voice."

—Maverick Magazine, UK



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