Dear Friends and Music Lovers ~

It has been another beautiful day on the planet in which we have been preparing to present ourselves to you so to speak. Presenting… Corinne West Band! Present. Odd in that I just realized this means the moment, to give a gift, and to showcase or exhibit. In truth we are energized to be doing all of the above.

Corinne West Band is ON. Harmonies locking. Hair flowing. Rhythm and guitars sailing… Bay area friends, we will see you at the Freight & Salvage on January 30th.

This show is followed by a short ‘tourette’ (heh), in northern California from Chico’s Big Room at the Sierra Brewing Co., to Quincy’s Town Hall,  to Shasta to Arcata and more. Towards the end of the month we dip just below the bay, then in February, off to Kansas City for the Folk Alliance Conference. California gets a few stops this winter. More soon, everywhere. Time to take these sounds out of the rehearsal room.

Further, we have been coaxing color from clouds and clay to bring you our new shirts. Check ‘em out. These shirts are the first in a series of the new items for our General Store. Very soon we will be able to sell these on our site – top of February it looks like. Here is a sneak preview:

February… that is also when the remix of The Promise (featuring my new band mates, Pam and Jeri of Blame Sally) will be available. What does the remix consist of you ask? Well, each song was addressed, and altered. Most importantly, I opened up the record, and added harmony vocals from both Pam and Jeri. Unorthodox? Of course. I am more than happy with the results.

We are pleased to be on the air this weekend on KZFR – Saturday, 2:00 PST. Chico friends, tune in on 90.1 – all else not in Chico, you can stream if you care to join us. Call in. Ask a question. Support your non-com radio station!

California friends, join in this new band project at a gig in a town near you. Rest of the world friends, know we are using a chisel on time to carve out the details for our soonest tour near you.

Thank you everso for your presence, support, energy and light.

More soon and be well,

~ Corinne

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