Corinne West ~ June Smoke Signal

Dear Friends, Music Lovers, Shape Shifters, Cave Dwellers, High Rise Seekers and All Present,

June has been busy with sun and cultivation in the Northern Hemisphere. There is much motion stirring in the studio tracking and polishing, creating and excavating from the recesses of the Great Creative Mystery – a new recording. I am hoping to be finished with this little bird in the Autumn and will be oh so happy to share it with you. In light of this, I am also working with a few beautifully carved minds to create a short film to source and gather the funding to actualize the making of the recording. This will be my 5th record to date, and the first time I have embarked on any fundraising for a record, so it is completely new territory. More on this front soon.

Further, I have started a new project in Los Angeles recording a different sound. A different vibe. A different side of the same coin. Some of you know that my first performances were in rock-n-roll bands. The harder edge shows up in my Americana gigs for certain, yet has never had a chance to be recorded. I am looking now to capture some of that energy for an E.P. More on this front soon as well.

The Promise received a stellar review if you are flying around the web looking for a landing pad: . There is also in interesting radio interview here that starts around 33:15 if you wish to take a listen. Patrick O’Heffernan digs deep and asks questions even I haven’t asked myself.  My note to you ends with the news of a very special show on June 30th in Petaluma California. Last year alone SEVA treated over 1 million people for blindness. They are amazing. I am a fan and advocate. On June 30th they have put togehter a benefit with Chris Robinson Brotherhood, The Fall Risk, and Corinne West Band. If you are not in the area to check out the show, head over to the SEVA site and keep in touch with their amazing work.

That’s all for now. Keep close and be well my friends.~ Corinne  

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