Corinne West ~ Little Bird Says…

Dear Music Lovers, Treasure Hunters, Bird Watchers, Sooth Sayers, Grumblers, Ribbon Weavers, Button Buttoners, Lion Tamers, Uptown Dwellers, Downtown Shufflers, and all ~

The hour strikes to write to you, from the coast of California, to wherever you find yourself, reading this, on a portal. Tidings of courage and introspection I send on this, yet another day of miracles and the illusion of common events on Earth. 

More music. More art. More kindness. More connecting. More gratitude. More ON. (heh).

On June 30th, Corinne West Band will be performing at a SEVA benefit at The Mystic Theatre in Petaluma California. Also on the bill are Chris Robinson Brotherhood, (Black Crows), and The Fall Risk. SEVA is human kindness in action. I am a strong advocate. Please expose yourself to them if you have not come across them yet. I often give gifts of sight through SEVA for birthday presents.  


My band for this show will be comprised of stellar bassist Joe Kyle Jr, (Waybacks and more), and guitar / pedal steel master Barry Sless (Phil Lesh, David Nelson and more). Rule # 44. Always perform with great musicians who are kind-hearted and all up in the songs. Done Deal.

I have a video to share with you. Amelia from the Freight & Salvage earlier this year… Check it out. 

And since you are with me, here is a little something for you – it’s Amelia, downloadable as a live cut. Travel here to claim the sound. 

 I continue to write for the recording this fall. I believe putting a fundraiser together for the new record is in high order. Yes. 



Further, as some know, I am a card carrying alchemical hypnotherapist. I will be announcing dates for hypnotherapy songwriting and creative un-blocking (so to speak) workshops this summer. These events will likely take place periodically when I am touring again. Let’s see how it unfolds in the fall line.

Keep in touch. Onward we dream. Happy you are here. 

All love,


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Connect. It’s real. For more tour information visit 





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