Corinne West Smoke Signal: July 2015

Photo: James Detro

Dearest Music Lovers ~

High Summer has struck and expanded all of the leaves for some blessed shade here in California. The days are long, yet quietly getting shorter. The endless paradox continues. 

On with the music. Starlight Highway continues to capture lovely reviews near and far. I did have the fortune to visit Austria this last month to promote Starlight and perform an hour show on one of my favorite radio stations in the Alps. 


Photo: Corinne West – Selfie? Four-Fie!

The tour in Austria is now set for early June. The tour for the Netherlands will be in April. The tour in the UK will be in May. The dates stateside are forthcoming. Do keep in touch if you are interested in a house concert. (Email Micah: She will set you up!)

For those in Marin and central California I will be teaching workshops to assist in accessing your powerful creativity through your subconscious with guided meditation and light trance. The premise here is to facilitate your own personal ability to tap into your vast private landscapes in order to draw upon deep personal creative realms which in the end enhance your work, be it visual art, songwriting, writing, poetry, or just plain curiosity. For interest on workshops, again, Micah is our Lady: ( Send her an email specifying what  you are interested in; hosting a house concert, upcoming workshops on songwriting, clearing writer’s block, and accessing your creativity through safe light trance. (Yes, I am certified).

Daydream #3

Photo: Corinne West

We are looking for someone who can assist with media content – uploading videos, light editing, putting reviews where they need to go ~ there is a lot to do to keep up with the media end of things, and the music must not suffer because of it. Please send a note if you know of someone who might dig being involved. We are looking for you. ( – she is the email connect-coordinating queen).

Shows are in the making. Songs are in the sonic kitchen. Much is happening to all of us on our beautiful spinning planet. Music continues to be our emotional compass. Thank you for being with me and for your support and love.

Keep in touch. All Love,


On The Highway

Current praise for STARLIGHT HIGHWAY:

“West’s songs are lilting and dreamy and her intimate, country-flavored folk performances seem to float through the air like feathers.”

~ Jeff Berger, NO DEPRESSION ~ June, 2015

“Corinne West gives us so much within each track. She is an artist full of creativity with music that inspires.”

“Corinne sings from the heart as she touches your heart. Her voice resonates, as we have the pleasure of listening to her latest album, Starlight Highway.”

~ HIGH NOTE REVIEW, JR Miller, July 2015

The full review can be found here:

These links below are ACTIVE. For tour information, always visit – 

New Website On The Way!! For now, this is a great place where It’s At.

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