Corinne West & The Bandits letter to You

Dear Music Friends, Inner-Earth, Terrestrial and Stellar-Dwellers,

It’s the 22nd – my favorite day to write to you.

Out here in the mid-section of California, I have been diligently… cooking music. From a high rolling boil to a steady simmer, there are at least sixteen stoves going simultaneously; each burner with a different dish. Tracks are coming together. Spices are carefully being chosen. I find myself using phrases in the studio such as “a dash more of, ”and “a smidge less of,” which I am sure are all technical cooking verbiage with measurable quantities to coincide with each term. Your ears run a high probability of loving the taste of this.

All burners burning, we are looking at an end feast of 11 songs. A recording stacked with sounds, stories and varying musical directions. This will not be an EP with an extra minute or two added on. No friends, TROUBLE NO MORE will be an actual, bonafide lava-lamp trance-enduring full-length record.


On the performance front, the time is nearing to head out to Kansas City forInternational Folk Alliance Conference of 2015 where Corinne West & The Bandits will be showcasing up into the wee hours of the morning. This is a righteous event, full of talent and music junkies from all walks of life, traveling from the planet over to attend. CWB has an Official Showcase. We intend on leaving a kind trail of music in our wake. 

CD release shows are beginning to be booked, and we are looking at a tour in the UK this autumn. Stay tuned with us, and check back at for tour dates and info. (New website coming soon by the way).

From my kitchen to yours, happy 22nd. 

All Love,


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