Letter from Corinne West

 Friends of Music, Adventure, Violet Glass Containing Elixers, Travel Totems, Bountiful Gardens, Thriving Connections, Our Hurling World, Fossils and Angels Dressed As Clowns, I greet you fondly, once again.

The texture in the music is as follows:

1. This Wednesday at 6 pm, I will be performing in the Alps on Freies Radio Salzkammergut to bring STARLIGHT HIGHWAY live to Europe. The folks that run this station are deep in the mountains, and deep up in the music. Free music at that, meaning they have carved and importantly, carefully, maintained the liberty to play what they wish, when they wish. You may stream the station here at 6:00 pm, this Wednesday (Austrian time) . Just do the simple math here, and join us. Freedom of speech and music – we do have our outlets and we support them – don’t we now.

2. Wednesday marks an interesting day in that a project I may not have mentioned: FIRE IS A PHOENIX, will feature her first song “Change My Ways” on MTV’s show “Catfish.” Fire is a Phoenix is a project / band in which I compose, write and sing. This is a new project, filled with large symphonic surging sounds which are in a separate sonic world from CORINNE WEST & THE BANDITS. Hence, the moniker. In Amercia, one can check out the show 10/9 Central. Time conversion again proves essential for time travelers. Go.

The beginnings:
https:.//twitter.com/fireisaphoenix  = Twitter link
https://www.facebook.com/FireIsAPhoenix  = Faceplant link

If you dig those tones, stay connected to FIRE IS A PHOENIX & let’s see what happens.


3. Back on the folk music front, we did have a fabulous day last week with a special group of The Bandits performing “Dire Wolf”. It’s out and about, and I wanted to share the video with you if you haven’t caught it. If you are a Grateful Dead fan, the “Read More” text below the clip may be of interest. Credits for all wonderful musicians will be found there too. It was a high time… find it here
I think that is all for now. Here. There. Everywhere. We Thrive.

All Love,


Current praise for STARLIGHT HIGHWAY:

“Starlight Highway is transformative:  it sounds – no, it feels – like Corinne has taken you to a different dimension, one that is sensual beyond what music is capable of.” ~ VENTS Magazine, Dominican Republic, May 2015

“Starlight Highway draws upon West’s history to chronicle incidents, loves, loses and emotional turmoil and calm….The result is a music from the eye of the musical storm that is the wonder of Corinne West.” ~ Music Junkie Press May 26, 2015

For tour information, always visit corinnewest.com – New Website On The Way!! 

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