This letter to you is a bit different than the rest. I have done something new – created a campaign to raise the funds for my 5th record. I am reaching out… to you.

TROUBLE NO MORE is the name of the project. I invite you personally to be a part of this. To make this record with me, even from afar. Here is the link to the campaign. Go to it if you would. Pleased if you would… it’s a simple. click: 

This community of music lovers, has been so supportive over the years. Most here know that I took a long sabbatical in Europe, doing other art – and then came back to the USA to study Alchemical Hypnotherapy… and NOW – It’s time for the next Musical chapter to come to life! TROUBLE NO MORE will be a stellar – personal, deep and relevant recording.

Making a record is expensive. The money raised during this campaign will help fund studio time, musicians, engineers, as well as support the other necessities associated with making a record. These are all shown on the campaign page.

In advance of the official launch in a couple of days, I am reaching out to you and other personal friends to give you a preview of the project. Musicians on the record will include Ricky Fataar, (Bonnie Raitt’s stellar drummer) Edo Castro, John Burr, Mike Marshall, Joe Kyle Jr… and more.

I invite you to share this campaign with your friends and colleagues and communities – that may find a place in their heart to be a part of making this happen.

As of today –  we will have 38 days to reach our goal.

How can you help? There are several ways. You can:

    • Purchase one of the “rewards” listed in the campaign

    • Share with your friends and community

    • Share with your Social Media Network

`  • Make a donation via the campaign 

Check it out: . I appreciate it. 

I invite you to participate on any level. Go on… make a record with me! There are of course “rewards” for being involved.

Here we go!! BOOM.

All Love,


PS… We did just have an *****Amazing***** time at Far-West in Oakland – Triple thanks to the entire community for coming together and being so very stellar. Hats off. Keep in touch.

PSS… Corinne is adding shows for 2015 – she is consumed with the record at this point and the IndieGogo campaign.. Best to hit up for shows instead of Reverb Nation. Thanks!

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