Dear Friends and Music Lovers, Diviners and Gold Diggers, Saints and Sinners et al ~

The Spring Equinox – (in the western hemisphere) – has arrived. The days in California have grown longer in light and hence the hours in the great outdoors have lengthened as well. To dive right in, I took a solo journey down the coast this month, traveling in a pop-top camper van, to weave on the mighty cliffs, inhale breathtaking views, and lose my sense of self while gazing at Big Sur’s commanding regal ocean. In the evening I would stare through the campfire into dimensions un-nameable by me, with guitar in hand – courting inspiration with full presence and color. This is, indeed, a very long way of  sharing that this spring I have been steadfast in writing for the next record, and there is a fire in my head and hands over this…

For the present – please allow me to direct your attention the songs of the moment. The 2014 remix and remaster of THE PROMISE is available now, and is about to be released digitally for the first time ever. For details, check this out

For you Bay Area friends, March 29th finds Corinne West Band, (this show accompanied by Jeri Jones and Pam Delgado!) at the EMPRESS THEATRE in Vallejo, California. Please consider this your formally engraved invitation to join us at this stellar, historical theatre.

Since my sabbatical in Austria, I have not been touring heavily. This is on the cusp of changing. I thank you for the emails from over seas and in North America inquiring about the next time CWB will be on your town. Keep ‘em coming. The forces behind the curtain are conspiring to make this happen as soon as possible.

As always, much appreciation goes out to you. Music is a powerful for us. Thank you for sharing this particular needle and thread with me.

All love,

~ Corinne

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