Dear Friends and Music Lovers,

Stories …the fabric that makes up the crazy quilt of who we believe we are, held together by our threads of experience, sewn and fastened with the golden needle of our beliefs.

I had mentioned to you in my last news-letter about playing music with Jeri Jones and Pam Delgado of Blame Sally, but I wanted to further, and tell you the back story. In July I was asked by a close friend to perform a few songs at her wedding. I had not performed in a very long time, as I was on the tail end of a much needed respite from touring. At the wedding, myself, Jill Knight and Blame Sally would be the line up after the ceremony. I thought to bring a couple of accompanists for my set, but then it dawned on me – what a great surprise for the newly weds to have Blame Sally sit in on my tunes. Unique. Surprising. Wedding. Uncharted. Curious. Interesting. I sent out an email to the gals in the band, proposing just this.
As schedules allowed, it was Jeri and Pam that got back to me and we rehearsed the four numbers in a garage in Berkeley. We knew it would be fun. We didn’t know it would be explosive. As we rehearsed, the hair on our arms stood on end. Charge flew about the room. Eyes glanced this way and that as we played, until we all looked at each other and said… What On Earth Is Going On? Then smiled, and did another tune.

This is all to say that Corinne West Band was formed out of a gift, a surprise, for two dear friends getting married. At the wedding performance, the electricity went from the stage to the celebrants, and back to the music on stage again, and hence, back out, forming the perfect circuit, the Lemniscate, the collective charge, that which makes us all soar together.
Our first shows are coming up in mid-California this weekend, followed by the bay area in November… followed by… a town near you.
With light and love, thanks for staying close to the music,
~ Corinne
Oh, our stealth collaborators put together some fun etheric destinations for you too.


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