Greetings Friends of Music and Earth dwellers in kind,

As I settle to greet you, I am reminded of the raccoon that was in my living room last week. It was a stark visitation. This particularly massive forest creature was at a full-tension-hissing-slightly terrifying stand-off with my cat. Face to face. Hands on holsters… raccoon gaining ground into the dwelling… Fearing for the cats life, and that the coon might get irritated and transform into the tasmanian devil hurling itself around the living room in a frenzy, taking everything down with it while destroying the cat, I faced my fear and ran straight at it, relieved as the night bandit scurried it’s way back into the darkness. Connecting the relevance of this tale with a letter to you regarding music apparently will not happen, but I am not deleting it.

This summer arrived bearing a cornucopia of change, revealing its harvest with an air of mystery and electricity. In light of that, I am delighted to announce that Jeri Jones, and Pam Delgado of Blame Sally will be joining me as accompanists in the musical adventures and manifestations of Corinne West & The Bandits. The story of us joining forces was something we seemed to simultaneously witness as well as participate in… like a collective dream. Joyfully. Merrily. Respectfully. Vigorously. The result is that I can’t wait for us to be on tour to share this harmonious vibe and sound with you. Please stand by for dates and details.

Before I depart, I want to share a song with you. In January I was contacted by the lovely people Jéssica García, Miguel Dominguez in Spain letting me know they had translated and adapted the tune The Stranger. I was moved, and you can take a listen/see here.

Thank you for tuning in. Be well and more soon!


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