Dearest Lovers of Music, Art Fanatics, Restless Herbivores, Countless Dreamers, Dyslexic Nomads, Iron-shirted Endeavorers (??)… and All Presenting here,

It is indeed May 19th! The day Starlight Highway takes her wings and is Released. 

Oh, I have been considering this day. I often feel the songs are children, or birds, or butterflies, or comets, hurricanes… something – whirling around with their own intentions and paths to fulfill. People to find. Branches to rest on. Will the Songbirds be the music for cooks? Lovers? Bakers? Builders? Mothers? Ancestors? Mice? In print-shops? Barns? Campfires? I will never know. They are on their own now. 

I will bring them home to sing, welcoming them back to me, only to let them soar again at a performance, in the garden, beneath a redwood, on a dirty street… I will pull them in to Release them to you, and to all that is invisible and visible. Fly well my Starlings. You now belong to the world.

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