With Love, from Corinne

Dear Music Tribe and Celestial Hitchhikers,

Merry Solstice and Holidays to you! 

I write to you in the early afternoon of December 22nd. In the hemisphere in which I reside, we just passed through Winter Solstice. The Light is now returning. The golden daylight will slowly stretch its way to spring pollen shimmering and summer nights dreaming. This is the first day of our Great Sun’s return. Much has happened this year. Some of which you have been an essential part.  

Which brings me to a tremendous amount of gratitude for those that joined my efforts to reach the fundraising goal for the upcoming record, TROUBLE NO MORE. Hats Off To You!! At this juncture, I bust open the doors of my psyche, reach in, and cull through the parade of tiny dancers, glow in the dark jesters, and stray crooning phrases to find a worthy story to tell. A resounding poem to bring forth. A melody to sail it all on. The ball is in my court. I’ve got this one.

There have been a few emails from folks who wanted to join the campaign, but missed the time-line. There is still an opportunity to pre-order your record, grab a cool perk and support this project. Press this link, find what you would like, and then email savannah@corinnewest.com. She will set you up. You can be a part of this. There are videos to be funded, posters to create… so much to do. Including… 

…Bringing the band to Kansas City in February. Indeed! We are off to see the wizard – Corinne West Bandits has been selected to officially showcase at the 2015 International Folk Alliance Conference. Folk Alliance is an event where musicians, industry folks, and fans take over a hotel / convention center and make a whole-lotta beautiful noise for 96 straight hours. The ‘Official Showcase’ means that CWB has been chosen to be a featured act at the conference. It’s a wonderful event – and an honor to be chosen. We will be attending in full techi-color, with a new CD sampler in hand.

The shows are starting to come in for 2015. It will be CD-release party-time all year. I best sign off for now, and get back to making some music.

All Love,


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