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Dear Music Lovers, card carrying citizens, denizens of field and forest, rebels, system busters and all present,

It’s a glimmering morning here in the hills of Los Angeles. I am in an old spanish house – perhaps an old citrus grove house, writing my brief sincere letter to you.

Much is on the telephone wire. On the vine. Off the wall. In the air. For starters, Corinne West band has been chosen to showcase at the Far-West Folk Alliance conference in Oakland in October. Folk Alliance serves the music and the people. It’s an honor to be chosen – and there will be more on this exciting music circus later.

In the now, there are upcoming shows. I have been focusing much more on recording, writing and art than gigging, but there are a few shows that can be found at http://www.corinnewest.com for California dwellers.

Recording. When I was a child… or at least a teen ~  my first bands were rock bands right here in the mighty sprawl of Los Angeles. The project I am recording on today – is a different facet than the music I do in Corinne West Band. Corinne West Band rests her heart and soul in the unending soundscapes of indie-folk. To refer to myself in third person, it’s what she does. Where the songs come from. Roasted not fried… 


Being the mult-ifaceted creatures that we are, there are other musical tones and vibes that don’t get to come out and play in indie-folk. This rock and roll angel wanted Born. Wanted elbow room. So, I gave it to her.

The name of the project is Fire Is A Phoenix. This is indie-pop-rock. Thunderous sounds. Raging anthems… I invite you to take a listen. It’s here, on Noise Trade. It’s an offering. Cool thing about Noise Trade, is you can download the song in high res-fi for free, and if you dig it, you can send the artist a tip – to support the ability to give music – for free.

At any rate. Fire Is A Phoenix has one cut out. She has a facebook page just because. It’s all new. There is a lot to say abou this project, but I invite you to just listen first. 

Further: Corinne West Band is making her 5th record as well. All new songs. Indie-folk comet. The musicians are coming in the studio to spice and filigree. It’s a busy time. Busy enough to refer to myself in third person.

Keep close – there is insta-gram and face-plant and twitter – all strange and surreal avenues in which to share our art.

All love,


For more tour information visit www.corinnewest.com




and now..



“West’s voice invokes angels, if angels had a dangerous side.”

– Arcata Journal – North Coast California

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