With Love, from Corinne West

Dear Music Friends and Earth Riders,

It’s the 22nd once again, (well now the 23rd as I am feeling quite loquacious) – my favorite day to write to you. My my my…. there is a lot to tell you.

Of utmost importance ~  there was some rain today in California. Rain. Sweet sweet rain. 

Of not so much importance is that I have discovered this evening that my cat ever so slightly snores whilst dreaming. 

Of major importance to you music lovers who stay so finely tuned in here, (and to myself indeed), is the new record STARLIGHT HIGHWAY is finally – and completely finished. I mean done. The cook has put her tools away. The sonic kitchen… Boomed. 

Starlight will be available to the patrons of the fundraising campaign first ~ I can’t thank you enough you beautiful people for helping to make this happen. As they say, because it is well said, “I could not have done this without you.”

STARLIGHT HIGHWAY was (and continues to be as we prepare for her release) ~ an enormous endeavor. I have not put forth a CD in over 4 years, and the last one was a duo EP which was recorded in 4 days live off the floor – which means that really, a Full Moon West record has not come out since… uh… 2009. Really? That is some math I haven’t done until this second. Hmmmm… 

STARLIGHT is full of moods. Way up. Way over. Way chill. Way in. Way out. Just Way. One never knows how a record will be received, but it is of no matter. I release her freely to live her life. I love her, and I will continue to sing her songs. 

Facts? There are some pre-release shows in California coming up. The first of which is at the FREIGHT & SALVAGE on April 4th. That’s 4/4. That’s a full moon. That’s a lunar eclipse. If you have a very short attention span (thank you for reading thus far then),  this lunar eclipse is for you, as it is the shortest lunar eclipse of the century lasting just under 5 minutes. In light of the moon, I have decided that every song must be under 5 minutes at the first Pre-CD release party for STARLIGHT. The Eclipse will be visible from North America – but keep your frets off the fretboard, if you are going to the show, it happens before sunrise on 4/4 on the west coast, (around 5:00 am), not at night. For all of you friends in the Eastern Hemisphere, you are all good to view after sunset. Here are our local Galactic Details on the event should you geek out on such things as entire planetary alignments – and dumb stuff like that. Ahem. I sure don’t.

Segue! :: We went to Kansas City for Folk Alliance. We loved it. We performed our Official showcase. We danced. We hosted a room called the “Bandits Salon” and decorated it – a lot – and had our friends perform there (Tony Furtatdo, Jimmy LaFave, Eric Schwartz, Michael-Ann, more… look ’em up), both new and time-withstanding.. Thank you Folk Alliance. That was a grand ‘ol time. We will return.

More shows are in the making. For now it’s been a full time-parade of finishing the album. We made it. How can I tell you how I appreciate you being here? I can’t. But thank you. There’s much more to come. 

All Love, 


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