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Dear Music Lovers, Identifiable moving objects, Gluten Free carnivores, Smiling vegans, Those astounded, Those awakened, Those sleeping tight et. al ~ 

Last weekend was a sweet show in the redwoods at the Mill Valley Arts Festival. What a lovely scene. The Mighty Redwoods floor me once again. 

I have some bad news, in that my participation in this Saturdays set at Earlefest with “The Great Idea Band” is no longer a reality. I seemed to have caught some version of strep throat, and therefore the couple of songs that I was to contribute will remain in my head. Regardless! I have performed at Earlfest before (we are talking Santa Rosa California my dear globe), and it is a worthy stop on the wheel if you are able. Next Saturday. All proceeds go to the blind. 

On a lighter note – up and coming this October in Oakland California is the Far-West convention. Now the hip thing about this event, is that the night showcases are open to everyone. There will be loads of people performing and making organized noise at the conference. Corinne West Band will have an Official Showcase they call it, (a very good thing) on Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. in which you can attend. We will also be performing throughout the weekend. If you are near Oakland, or suddenly wish to be, head over here to check it all out. The Far-West folks are very friendly, and can help you out. Reach out to them in an email or call ’em up with questions about attending to see the music. 

Further, we will be hosting music room called the Corinne West Bandits Salon, and will have a table at the Exhibit hall. It’s a great scene. And friendly too! 

We are close to launching our fundraiser for the next record! As I have mentioned, I have never organized a fundraiser so it’s all very new territory for me. There is much to learn, and I look forward to your participation and support!

Currently the focus is on writing, this conference and creating the means for the record. A full tour schedule is anticipated for 2015.

As always, keep close and shine bright ~

Oh, have you checked out the monoprints that have been created?  Walk this way….

Love, Corinne

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