Dear Music Lovers, Flame throwers, Community builders, Psychotropic Enthusiasts, Wine Makers, Forest Dwellers, Daydreamers, Landlubbers, Surfers, Sand Analysts, AAA members, and All Present ~

My monthly letter to you lands on the tail end of a whirlwind of emotional tides. Between a handful of personal mortal losses, coupled with Robin Williams who was/is a hero of mine (and so many of us), coupled with Lauren Bacall – oh my friends… we are all up in it. This Life. Awwwwwwllll up in it. And then we aren’t. Constantly in transition. Consistently inconsistent. Laughing Sage Paradoxes on our spinning Splendid Orb. 

Ahhhh sigh – I stray from a road unpaved.

I appreciate those of you who had a chance to check out the Fire Is A Phoenix project. If you missed that beat, skip over and give it a spin. It’s a gift. 

The majority of my time is being spent writing, mono-printing, preparing for a few fun upcoming shows this Autumn, and mostly – chipping away at creating a solid new recording. All statues begin with a big-mass-chunk of stone or marble. Keep carving. Keep whittling – it all takes shape. The new songs span from hidden gems written in 2011, to pieces of the present. I will be launching a fundraising campaign in September to complete the new record. Stay with me. 

The next show on the dock is on September 6th at a lovely outdoor venue in Novato, Calforinia. Details can be found here when you go to the Tour page. Of course the band will be kicking. Who will it be this time? Go on… polish up those shoes and find out… 

Keep close – there is Insta-gram and Face-plant and Twitter – and now an Etsy site for tangible art… 

While we are here… let us create and connect in the many ways in which we can, and do.

Turn The Wheel. Turn the Globe. Shine on…

All love,


For more tour information visit www.corinnewest.com

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