"Full Circles" Amulet / Pendant. An original by Corinne West

"Full Circles" Amulet / Pendant
  • "Full Circles" Amulet / Pendant

"Full Circles" Amulet / Pendant

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Made with 10 grams of sterling silver. Stamped on the back with Corinne's initials. Designed in Chiang Mai in 2017.

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"Full Circles" Amulet / Pendant

As a visual artist and a poetry/song writer, symbols and metaphors are of the utmost intrigue and importance to me both in writing and three dimensional art. When creating “Full Circles” I have considered deeply the symbolism of the Triad throughout the ages, and have come to the conclusion that the power of any symbol lays within what is of the utmost importance to the bearer. This particular symbol “Full Circles” which holds the Triad / Trinity has a variety of universal significance found globally, throughout history. What is important to me, is that you make this piece your own.  

Below are but a few options for you to infuse and charge the significance of your piece.  

 • Past / Present / Future •  

• Mind / Body / Spirit •  

 • Earth / Sea / Sky •  

• Maiden / Mother / Crone •  

 • Stag / Father / Sage •  

My invitation is for you to take this piece and infuse it with the symbolism and meaning that is important to you. In the end this is all that matters. The triad is also a useful symbol for undoing personal manipulation and addiction cycles.  

“Full Circles” offers you a symbol to charge and alter what is important to you currently, in wholeness. 

There is always the option that you think the piece is just attractive, and beauty is always a mighty fine reason to wear a symbol.

"Full Circles"  Amulet / Pendant

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©2017 Corinne West

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