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California songwriter Corinne West is a poet, a tunesmith, a visionary and an utterly stellar performer. Her music evokes the eternal stories of mystic troubadours, while speaking with power and grace to a modern audience. A very well-established figure on the acoustic roots scene, West has recorded five critically-acclaimed albums and has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe. Her distinctive style is marked by lush vocals, pristine guitar and bold lyricism that reflects grit, discerning optimism and a true love for the human experience. She is equal parts angel and outlaw, delicate and fierce. Her current release “Starlight Highway” has received rave reviews globally including The Daily Telegraph, UK selecting “Starlight Highway” as one of the top records in 2016. And her voice? Relix Magazine says West has “A voice of Gold,” while The San Francisco Chronicle boldly states “a singer with an angelic voice.”

Inspired by her lifelong study of mythology, West believes that music, poetry and art reflect greater universal truths and affirm the connectivity of all things. Although her sound is ever-evolving, this fundamental theme permeates her work. If there is a bedrock for West’s artistic pilgrimage, it is connectivity, not so much to any individual fixed experience but to something bigger. In her words, “Regardless of what you’re doing, the sun sets and the moon rises in predictable, dependable ways, with an exquisite, divine consistency. To be able to have trust and lean into that is also to be able to lean into our place on the planet and ultimately the unfolding of our life experience.”

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